Intro to Camshaft Cores and Designing Cams to Make Horsepower (Video)

In today’s video, Mark Campbell at COMP Cams walks us through the four primary types of camshaft cores.

Cam cores, or an unground lobe camshaft (UGL), are essentially unfinished camshafts, as you’ll see in the video.

These are cams waiting to be machined and ground to precision for various applications.

The four different camshaft core types are:

  • Cast Iron Core
  • Austempered Iron Core
  • 8620 Billet Core
  • Tool Steel

In the video, Campbell covers each one individually and dives deeper into each one to explain material choice and design details that will ultimately affect the performance and power-making abilities of whatever engines they ultimately end up in.

Check it out.

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  1. ALEX PAVAN says:

    Nice Info.

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  3. Mike Brown says:

    I absolutely love cam tech information and videos! I’ve been building engines since the 1980s in my spare time and the cam really does make or break the build! When I started building engines, we basically had a choice between hydraulic and solid flat tappet cams, roller cams of any kind were exotic and mysterious back then. Now, they’re the norm. The various core materials used today can also get confusing. Information is horsepower!

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