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Flat Tappet Rat Muscle: Summit Racing Muscle Car Camshafts for Big Block Chevy Engines

There was a time when big block Chevy engines with solid lifter camshafts clattered their way down the boulevards and highways of America. It was a time of big block […]


Intro to Camshaft Cores and Designing Cams to Make Horsepower (Video)

In today’s video, Mark Campbell at COMP Cams walks us through the four primary types of camshaft cores. Cam cores, or an unground lobe camshaft (UGL), are essentially unfinished camshafts, […]


Mailbag: The Difference Between Flat Tappet and Roller Camshafts

Q: What is the difference between a flat tappet and a roller camshaft? … A: Camshafts are classified by the type of lifter they use. The lobes on the cam […]

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Video: Measuring Power & Torque Gains From a Cam Swap in a 5.0L Ford

In today’s video, engine builder Richard Holdener is going to show you the dyno results of a previously modified 5.0L Ford engine before and after a cam swap (and unplanned […]

Cam Motion Camshaft for GM LS

Parts Bin: Cam Motion Camshafts for the GM LS

LS engine enthusiasts are all too familiar with the infamous “sewing machine” sound that can come with an aftermarket performance cam swap. Basically what happens is the new cam affects […]


Mailbag: Building a Camshaft & Valvetrain Combo to Boost Bottom-End Performance

Q: I have a 1976 Toyota FJ-40 with a 350 small block from a 1973 Camaro. The engine has been rebuilt and is stock internally. The heads have a fresh […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Choosing an Optimal Camshaft and Ignition Timing for Double Hump Heads

This is directed to Jeff Smith – great article on ignition timing.  I have a few questions.   My problem is I can’t seem to get the timing right with either the initial or […]

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How and Why Camshaft Manufacturers Grind Advance Into Camshafts
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How and Why Camshaft Manufacturers Grind Advance Into Camshafts

I’ve read something about camshafts that some cam companies grind advance into the camshaft. I thought that you could only advance the cam once it was installed in the engine? […]

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Video 101: An Introduction to Camshaft Profiles and Flat vs. Roller Tappets

“Roller lifters maintain better contact with cam lobes, allowing cam designers to create profiles with more midrange and top-end power than a flat-tappet cam with the same duration,” says two-time […]

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Mailbag: The 9 Things You Should Know Before Ordering a Camshaft

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week in our Mailbag, we’re discussing what you need to know when choosing a new camshaft. Q: I […]