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LS engine enthusiasts are all too familiar with the infamous “sewing machine” sound that can come with an aftermarket performance cam swap.

Basically what happens is the new cam affects the valvetrain in such a way that it creates a noise that’s eerily similar to the clatter of a sewing machine.

It’s an annoying issue that can take the enjoyment out of an otherwise exciting camshaft upgrade. Fortunately, Cam Motion has stepped up with its own camshafts for the GM LS and Gen5 LT1.

Cam Motion grinds and polishes each cam lobe to an extreme precision, which eliminates that notorious “sewing machine” sound. That attention to detail also contributes to excellent valvetrain stability even at high rpm.

You can get Cam Motion camshafts in a few hundred flavors, depending on the type of grind and performance you want. Cam Motion offers drop-in cams for daily drivers, all the way up to performance cams with stronger cores and aggressive profiles suited to race engines.

Don’t see the camshaft you need? Cam Motion’s got an online form that you can fill out with your engine data to determine your exact specs. Cam Motion will take that data and make a custom grind to those parameters. In many cases, your one-off cam will be ready to ship within a day.

Every Cam Motion camshaft comes with a free Cam Doctor printout to ensure you get an accurate snapshot of your cam’s specific profile.

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