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LS2 truck engine
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LS2 Truck Engine Upgrade Guide: Expert Advice for LS2 Truck-Engine Mods to Maximize Performance

… NOTE: You can find engine specs and detailed engine upgrade advice for every LS and LS-based Vortec truck engine in one place: The Definitive Guide to LS Engine Specs […]

GM LS Engine Guide
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LS2 Car Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More

The LS2 is a Gen. 4, 6.0L, aluminum small block engine. The engine specs and information listed here is for the stock LS2 used in GM passenger cars from 2005-2007. Mechanically similar, General […]

Cam Motion Camshaft for GM LS

Parts Bin: Cam Motion Camshafts for the GM LS

LS engine enthusiasts are all too familiar with the infamous “sewing machine” sound that can come with an aftermarket performance cam swap. Basically what happens is the new cam affects […]

Hand Drill Cutting Down Valve Seat
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How to Retrofit GM LS Valve Springs on LT1 Cylinder Heads

Since the GM LS is such a popular engine series, LS-compatible parts are common and easy to find. Which means, if you’re using 1992-97 LT1-style heads on your engine, you […]

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Top 10 American Performance Engines of the Last 30 Years (#1): General Motors LS Small Block

Editor’s note: The 1980s was a transition period for engine technology in America. The iconic carburetor gave way to fuel injection. Cubic inches were out, and liter designations marked a new era for […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Rectangle vs. Cathedral Port Heads – Which is Right for Your LS?

Everything I read says that the big rectangle ports for LS engines flow better than the cathedral ports. But then I know some pretty quick street cars running cathedral port […]

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Hardcore LS: LME’s 700-Horsepower LS Engine (Part 1)

As the guys at Chevy Hardcore point out, 500-horsepower ain’t what it used to be. A 500 horsepower daily-driven street mill simply won’t garner attention at local meets or gas station pumps like it used to. […]

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Quick Tech: How to Reduce Oil Consumption in GM LS Engines

It’s a fact: GM LS engines consume excessive amounts of oil. Supercharged or turbocharged engines, as well as engines regularly run to the rpm limit, use even more. One reason for […]

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Project LSX: Trick Flow Specialties Builds a 440 with a Bowtie (Part 2 of 2)

When we last left you, Trick Flow Specialties was in the process of building the short block for its 440 cubic inch GM LSX engine (440 LSX, Part 1). Designed for […]

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Project LSX: Trick Flow Specialties Builds a 440 with a Bowtie (Part 1 of 2)

440 cubic inches used to be the domain of rip-snorting big block engines. Even more specifically, the number 440 denoted the rip-snorting big blocks produced by Mother Mopar and the […]