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“When I was a kid my dad used to tell me that this sign meant to stop and do a burn-out. I didn’t believe him at first, but now that I am older I know he was raising me right.”  – Tim H.

“Taking my Daughter to the Central Illinios street car shootout in Havana Il instead of her going to her middle school dance. She loved it and we went to every race the rest of the summer.” – Chad P.

“My all-time favorite has to be my pops turning me loose from a burnout at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, TX. Looks like he’s trying to hitch a ride.” – Jeff T.

“Dad taking me from the local track races to my first Daytona 500 in 1981 at the age of 9.” – Jeffrey H.

“Thunder Valley Raceway Park 2019 SCT. I traveled from Michigan to Oklahoma for a visit with my son and so we could line up together for the very first time in the cars we built together. We had spent the two days before race day getting his car ready, the clock was ticking, and we just made it to the track. Got one pass in and started pouring rain. Wouldn’t trade those kinda memories for anything. Priceless!” – Alan S.

“First vacation of each year as a kid was the Indy 500, followed by Trenton 150 (x2 per year), Langhorne Speedway, Pocono and Friday nights at the TQMRA races.” – John R.

“Father / Son double up at Beaver Springs Dragway on Father’s Day.” – Bob W.

“Being a little guy back in the 60’s and my dad letting me shift his 4-speed for him.” – Greg A.

“I got to take my daughter for a pass at Summit Motorsports Park during last year’s Midwest Drags with wheels up for two passes. We only tried to do this for 10 years.” – Bryan A.

“In high school my Dad and I pieced together our own 4-speed conversion in my 64 Falcon. We paid $25 for a brand new Hurst shifter with no instructions. On the test drive we had a lot of clutch chatter and it would not go into what we thought was second gear. Long story short, we had the linkage on upside down so we had to shift in an H-pattern starting from the bottom right with reverse over and up.” – Eric M.

“The five years building his 64 Impala SS.” – Jeff D.

“At 13, I was dragging my parents to New England Dragway – early 70’s saw all the greats, one armed willy, The Snake & The Mongoose, Sox &Martin, Everybody. I faded from it and didn’t bring my kids, but at 62 I’ve rekindled my own love for building and driving.” – Matthew B.

“Teaching my son how to use a Dremel at 7 on my 72 Nova. He is now 18.” – Enrique R.

“My favorite racing story was when my youngest son and I went to Famoso for the Summit Series Divisional race. When evening came a the wind changed direction he gagged because of the Bakersfield stench from the fertilizer factory on the other side of the track.” – Bob L.

“Just spending good times at the track.” – Ron B.

“Dad wasn’t into cars the way me and my brother were. He was into sports. But in the summer, he wasn’t really into baseball, he would watch drag racing or NASCAR. But my number one racing memory with my dad was being in the front yard on Memorial Day, watching him wash the car while Howdy Bell called the Indy 500 on the radio. We lived in Indiana so we couldn’t watch it on TV.” – Kevin P.

“My dad and I working on my Plymouth Road Runner.” – Mike W.

“1973 laying under my 1956 Belair changing suspension and steering parts with my Dad. We knocked heads in more then ways than you can imagine! Precious time!” – Norbert C.

“My son running 10:75 at 125 mph his first time out in my 33 Willys.” – Larry G.

“Green Valley Dragway – Hurst Texas around 1976. My dad became a little sick at the track that day and asked if I’d like to take my first pass in his 13 second 66 Chevy II Nova. As my heart raced going through the mph traps I remember yelling inside the car that my dad had been sandbagging the car… I just knew I had run an 11 sec quarter mile. Then I got my time slip at the booth on the return road… 14.96. My father and I had a big laugh about that. Better runs were had later when he gave me the driver’s role. Great times.” – Steve D.

“My son Ace won the street class at the Richmond Dragway Hangover Nationals. It was a great day!!!” – Scott B.

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