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Every year, we ask readers to chime in with some of the best bits of advice they’ve received from their Fathers.

…And without fail, every year we get the same three responses:

  1. Never Buy A Ford.
  2. Don’t Drive a Mopar.
  3. Stay Away from GM.

Automotive loyalties aside, we do get a ton of good ProTips from Dad–life lessons and thoughtful insight gleaned from a decades of experience.

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Here is the latest edition of Dad’s Advice:


1. Paul D.

“Remember the firing order before any girl’s phone number—Firing order gets you out of trouble!”


2. Fred C.

“Never sell your first car…and I still have my ’69 Mustang GT Fastback today, 31 years later!”


3. Ron D.

“Always wave at State Troopers and old farmers.”


4. Daniel T.

“Take care of it and it’ll take care of youHe spoke about consistent proper maintenance and repairing parts right the first time.”


5. Paul S.

“If you’re going to build a hot rod, build it from the back to the front. I figured out what he was talking about when I destroyed the differential in my Mustang.”


6. Chet H.

“Fill the gas tank on payday. You may run out of money, but at least you can still go somewhere.”


7. Dan G.

“Have patience. Slow down and do the job right.”


8. Matt S.

“Would you please shine the d-mn flashlight on the carb and not in my eyes! (Late night working on the dragster when I was young.)”


9. Lon M.

“Assembly is reverse of disassembly.”


10. Melanie F. 

“Check the oil, coolant, and the power steering fluid. The gas will take care of itself.”


11. Adrianna C. 

“Don’t be afraid of working on the car, look at it in small pieces that work together instead of a whole unit.”


12. Tristen C.

“Keep the oil full and clean, it’s cheap insurance.”


13. Lavar B.

“Don’t rev a cold engine right after you start it.”


14. Sean M. 

“Fix it right, or you’ll have to fix it later.”


15. Allan C.

“New tires are the best insurance you can buy. ”


16. Charles R.

“If you cannot turn a wrench, ride a bike.”


17. Russ A.

“When driving any vehicle for the first time, in a clear area hit the brakes hard. You want to know what this car does in a panic stop.”


18. Jeremy F.

“Read the manual!”


19. Dan B.

“You can’t win a race on the first lap.”


20. John K.

“No matter how fast your car is, there is always one faster.”

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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