Father’s Day

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Lining Up Intake Manifold Bolt Holes on a 427 Chevy

The Holes Don’t Line Up! I’m assembling a 427ci big-block Chevy for a friend. It’s an original engine with block and heads that have been in storage for decades that […]

Father's Day

Readers Recall Fatherly Moments as Both Kids and Parents

“When I was a kid my dad used to tell me that this sign meant to stop and do a burn-out. I didn’t believe him at first, but now that […]

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Fatherly Advice: 20 Life Lessons from Dear-Old-Dad

Every year, we ask readers to chime in with some of the best bits of advice they’ve received from their Fathers. …And without fail, every year we get the same […]

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10 Mopar Gifts That Dads Will Love

The Omega symbol is the final letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s commonly used to symbolize something great, or to denote the end of—and the best, or ultimate version of—a […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Funny T-Shirts for Car-Guy Dads

Humor is subjective. Not everyone laughs at the same things. What amuses the Seriousness Brigade at their bi-annual basket-weaving parties isn’t always the same things that make the guys down at the […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Car-Guy Gifts for Fathers

We mined some long-time customer favorites as well as some new dad-approved items among the diverse selection at Summit Racing Gifts, Clothing, and Memorabilia. We hope you find some inspiration. […]

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Readers Recall Car Memories With Dad

On Father’s Day, we honor Dad. All dads, really. But in our OnAllCylinders world, we spend a lot of time thinking about Car Dads. Fathers who spent years introducing their […]

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Family Demon: How a ’71 Demon Strengthened the Bond Between Father and Son

Before Nick Speridon III graduated high school and left home, he and his father, Nick Speridon Jr., wanted to do something together as father and son. The two had always […]

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Fathers Day Gift Guide: 9 Great Gifts For Pontiac Dads

Do you know a dad who loves Pontiac? Us too. This is important because Father’s Day is coming and dads are notoriously hard to shop for. What they probably want […]

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Building a Car with Dad – Father’s Day Father-Son Builds

The car that’s built is the most special kind of car. Especially the car that was built with Dad. You calloused your hands, bloodied your knuckles, wrenched to exhaustion, and […]