Humor is subjective. Not everyone laughs at the same things.

What amuses the Seriousness Brigade at their bi-annual basket-weaving parties isn’t always the same thing that makes folks down at the pub laugh on Friday nights.

So just take it easy. We picked a few shirts that made us chuckle. We hope you like at least a couple of them.

What really matters is that—if there’s a holiday or birthday looming on the calendar—two things might be true for you:

  1. Your gift-getter is difficult to buy for.
  2. You haven’t gotten them a gift yet because you’ve been so busy making baskets.

When in doubt, t-shirts are about the safest gifts one can give a gearhead.

In fact, as long as the fit is good, there’s a solid chance that they’ll love your gift more than they do anyone else’s—and isn’t that the whole point? (Relax, we’re being sarcastic there.)

Funny T-Shirts for Car Guys & Car Gals

It’s a 18436572 Thing T-Shirt

“Makes folks wonder, or nod in recognition. Love it.” – Lewis, AZ

Flying Tool Area T-Shirt

“This shirt had my name written all over it so I had to have it!

Flying tools and foul language sounds like me.” – Mark, IN

Still Plays with Blocks T-Shirt

summit racing still plays with blocks t shirt
(Image/Summit Racing)

“Absolutely love this tee shirt. It gets a lot of attention due to the

fact that I’m an avid mechanic.” – James, IN

Summit Racing Calibrated Success T-Shirt

Can’t Fix Stupid T-Shirt

“Great. Everybody thinks it’s cool.” – Hal, IN

Just One More Car T-Shirt


“Got this shirt to get to my daughter. Said she would have me committed if I bought another car.” – James, WA

Hotrod Therapy T-Shirt