Humor is subjective. Not everyone laughs at the same things.

What amuses the Seriousness Brigade at their bi-annual basket-weaving parties isn’t always the same things that make the guys down at the pub laugh on Friday nights.

So just take it easy. We picked nine shirts that made us chuckle. We hope you like at least a couple of them.

What really matters is that Father’s Day is looming on the calendar, and two things might be true for you:

1. Dad can be hard to buy for, and

2. You haven’t gotten him a gift yet because you’ve been so busy making baskets.

When in doubt, t-shirts are about the safest gifts we can give dad (so long as the fit is good) to be sure he will love our gift more than he does everyone else’s.

Here at OnAllCylinders, we’d probably wear t-shirts every day if we wanted to adhere to a more impressive and professional dress code inside our world headquarters.

If you think dad might be looking to class up the joint wherever he hangs out, maybe try one of these…

7 Funny T-Shirts for Car-Guy Dads

It’s a 18436572 Thing T-Shirt

“Makes folks wonder, or nod in recognition. Love it.” – Lewis, AZ

Flying Tool Area T-Shirt

“This shirt had my name written all over it so I had to have it!

Flying tools and foul language sounds like me.” – Mark, IN

Still Plays with Blocks T-Shirt

“Absolutely love this tee shirt. It gets a lot of attention due to the

fact that I’m an avid mechanic.” – James, IN

Summit Racing Calibrated Success T-Shirt

Can’t Fix Stupid T-Shirt

“Great. Everybody thinks it’s cool.” – Hal, IN

Just One More Car T-Shirt


“Got this shirt to get to my daughter. Said she would have me committed if I bought another car.” – James, WA

Hotrod Therapy T-Shirt