In today’s video, veteran engine builder Richard Holdener is going to demonstrate the power gains that can be achieved from upgrading the intercooler.

The core has two jobs — to flow air, and to dissipate heat. The more air you flow, and the more heat that is dissipated, the more power your engine will make.

First, Holdener dyno-tests a 427 c.i.d. LSX engine. The result: 656 horsepower and 592 foot-pounds of torque.

Second, Holdener installs a new ProCharger D-1SC supercharger kit but retains the standard naturally aspirated, air-to-air intercooler. The result: 943 hp and 794 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Finally, Holdener upgrades the intercooler to a larger, high-flow cooler.

The result: More than 1,000 hp, and a 70 ft.-lb. increase in torque.

You should definitely check out the video to see what happens, how it happens, and to consider how your cooling system might be impacting your engine performance.