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Parts Bin: Boostline Connecting Rods Give Your Engine Critical Strength for Forced Induction Applications

It’s no secret that adding a supercharger or turbocharger to your engine puts a ton of additional stress on its moving parts. And perhaps nowhere is that more acute than […]

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Forced Induction 101: What’s the Difference Between a Turbocharger & Supercharger

We talk about forced induction a lot around here, and that’s because it can be a great way to add some serious performance without a whole lot of hassle and […]

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Tire-Turning Torque: Low-Buck LS Blower Test!

What’s the biggest complaint about the little 4.8L LR4 LS Engine? Well, it’s the same complaint lodged about any small V8—namely the lack of torque production. Don’t get us wrong, […]

5.3 LS with MSD Atomic intake manifold
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Testing HP Increase from ProCharger on 5.3L Iron Block LS Engine

What does every enthusiast have in common? No matter what car you drive, what motor you like, or how old you are, we all share the same desire to make […]

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Video: Measuring the Impact of an Intercooler Upgrade on a Supercharged 427 LSX

In today’s video, veteran engine builder Richard Holdener is going to demonstrate the power gains that can be achieved from upgrading the intercooler. The core has two jobs — to […]

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Mailbag: How to Choose a Carburetor for Supercharged Engines

  (image © Q: I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a supercharger for my 1966 Chevelle. What should I do about my carburetor? Do I need to go […]

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Video: Edelbrock Adds New E-Force Supercharger Kits for HEMI, Mustang & Miata MX-5

Edelbrock continues to unleash new E-Force Superchargers for a growing and diversifying list of applications, and used the 2016 SEMA Show to introduce new kits for V8 Mustang and HEMI […]

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ProCharger 101: Inside a ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger

Centrifugal superchargers have been around since the 1950s, but they’ve exploded in popularity over the last 20 years or so. Centrifugal superchargers are available for a wide range of vehicle […]

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Super M.D.: Quick Guide to Diagnosing Roots Supercharger Issues

What screams “horsepower” more than a Roots-style supercharger poking out of a hood? Blowers produce big power gains, offer excellent throttle response with little or no lag, and newer models […]

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Year in Review (Part 1): A Look Back at the Top OnAllCylinders Tech Stories of 2013

Editor’s Note: The year 2013 gave us the C7 Chevrolet Corvette and took from us performance legends like Dean Jeffries and Stu Hilborn. We had a light-hearted look at the half-dozen […]