QA1’s MOD Series shocks take the adjustable shocks concept and move it forward about a hundred notches.

What sets these MOD shocks apart is QA1’s QuickTune technology—removable, modular valve packs for compression and rebound.

So, instead of needing a bunch of different shocks for various track conditions, all you need is one set of QA1 MOD shocks and a varied selection of valve packs.

This allows you to dial in your car’s shocks in minutes, and eliminates the need to send a shock to a specialist for re-valving.

Other awesome features include:

  • Double-adjustable for compression and rebound
  • Adjustable low-speed bleed that allows you to fine-tune ride quality and weight transfer
  • 24-click valving adjustment for compression and rebound
  • Large solid piston with blow-off valve for improved driver feel and control
  • Indexable shock base eyelets provide multiple mounting positions
  • External nitrogen gas-charged canister can be mounted on the shock body or remotely
  • Teflon-infused hard anodizing on the shock body creates a non-galling surface to make ride height adjustments easier
  • Thrust bearings, coil spring adjustment nut, and spring adjustment tool included

QA1 MOD Shocks are available separately or in Pro-Coil kits with matched coilover springs, and mounting brackets for specific vehicles including:

  • 1964-67 GM A-Body
  • 1955-57 Chevy
  • 1967-81 Camaro/Firebird
  • 1963-82 Corvette
  • 1969-79 Nova/Apollo/Omega/Ventura
  • 1958-70, 1978-84, 1994-96 Chevy full-size passenger car
  • 1979-2004 Mustang (rear only)

Here’s another short product-focused video from QA1 about these innovative MOD series shocks: