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Video: Are You Driving on Blown Shocks? Here’s a Good Way to Tell

We’ve said this before, but since a shock may wear gradually over several months (or even years), it’s easy to not even notice it’s happening. So every once in a […]

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Video: How to Measure Shock Absorber & Coilover Length

If you’re building a custom chassis or trying to optimize your vehicle’s handling with a unique suspension setup, knowing how to measure for the best shock and coilover length is […]

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Video: Shock Absorber Construction, Design, and Related Technology

While it may look like a really simple device, there’s a lot of technological magic packed inside a shock absorber housing. That’s because a shock absorber is an integral part […]

How “Loaded” Shocks/Struts Can Save You Some Suspension Install Time & Hassle
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How “Loaded” Shocks/Struts Can Save You Some Suspension Install Time & Hassle

Make no mistake, shocks and struts are regular wear items. That’s because, as your car or truck racks up miles, your struts and shocks will fatigue and lose the ability […]

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Video: What is Cavitation & How Does it Affect Shock Absorber Performance?

You hear the term “cavitation” a lot in context with shock absorbers. But what does it mean? Wikipedia describes cavitation as: “A phenomenon in which rapid changes of pressure in […]

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Video: Installing QA1 MOD Shocks on a Chevy Nova

In today’s video QA1’s Marshall and Dave give us a closer look at the company’s QA1 MOD shocks released at SEMA 2018, and walk us through an installation on a […]

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Parts Bin: QA1 MOD Series Redefines Adjustable Shocks

QA1’s MOD Series shocks take the adjustable shocks concept and move it forward about a hundred notches. What sets these MOD shocks apart is QA1’s QuickTune technology—removable, modular valve packs […]


Suspension Tuning Suggestions: A Talk with a Koni Automotive Product Manager

The Koni roadshow pulled into Summit Racing’s retail store this week to chat with folks about the merits of proper suspension tuning. We got a chance to sit down with […]

single-adjustable shock absorber
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Installation Tips for Adjustable Shocks on Dual-Purpose Street and Race Cars

There is a simple truth in making a car work for both the street and the strip: The shock absorber is key. The reason is simple. If you can control […]

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Parts Bin: King Off-Road Performance OEM Upgrade Shocks & Coilovers

The King Off-Road Racing Shocks company is known for, well, off-road racing shocks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a set for your own daily-driven truck, Jeep, or SUV. […]