If you’re building a custom chassis or trying to optimize your vehicle’s handling with a unique suspension setup, knowing how to measure for the best shock and coilover length is vitally important.

The right shock, air bag, or coilover length ensures correct suspension geometry, so your vehicle will ride and handle like it’s supposed to. Perhaps more importantly, having proper suspension movement prevents against premature wear of your suspension components.

The folks over at RideTech know a thing or two about building high performance custom suspension systems. They put together this short video to show you how to measure for the correct shock absorber height when ordering custom shocks or coilovers. The good news, it’s pretty easy to measure, as long as you follow the process outlined in the video below.

And the info in this video is important whether you’re running shock absorbers, full coilovers, or air bags. It’s only three minutes long, so it’s definitely worth a watch if you’re designing a custom suspension system for your vehicle’s chassis.