The Edelbrock 1906 carburetor, according to Summit Racing tech adviser Carl Pritts, represents decades of Edelbrock research and development, and tuning experience, designed to optimize performance in small cubic-inch (and sometimes large) engines.

The Edelbrock 1906 carb builds upon the legendary Edelbrock 1406 with its improved calibration for great street performance. Edelbrock achieves this, Pritts said, through precision-designed annular flow boosters, which delivers improved off-idle and cruising performance.

The design of the Edelbrock 1906 AVS2 series carburetor also yields improved fuel atomization, improved fuel metering, an electric choke, and either a satin or EnduraShine finish, he said.

Watch the quick video for more information and a closer look at the Edelbrock 1906 to see whether it’s a good fit for your vehicle.

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