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Mailbag: How to Make a 390 or 410 Engine From a Stock 360 in a 1971 Ford F-100

Q: I own a 1971 Ford F-100 two-wheel drive pickup with a 360 engine.

The piston rings are worn and need to be changed. While the engine is out, I’m thinking of turning it into a 390. I’ve also heard it’s possible to make it a 410 with factory parts, and an Edelbrock Performer cam and intake package?

A: The only additional parts you’ll need to turn your 360 into a 390 are a 390 crankshaft and pistons, such as Eagle Specialty Products’ cast steel crank and Speed Pro Power Forged pistons.

Horsepower ratings on stock 390 engines varied between 300-325hp at the flywheel, depending on their original application. With an Edelbrock Performer camshaft and intake you can expect 340-350 hp.

Turning your engine into a 410 is relatively simple, too.

You’ll need a 428 crankshaft like Scat’s cast crank, 390 piston, and your stock 360 rods. Factory 410s produced about 330 hp at the flywheel.

Expect an Edelbrock-equipped version to make 370-380 hp.

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  1. Tyrone Gross says:

    I owned a 1971 F350 Camper Special 360 engine 2bbL carb. What a gas pig! It would pass everything but a gas station.Lot of power/4 speed tranny\ 2WD. I’ve done a lot of Ford’s in my time and not a Lover of any of the “FE” engines….Ship Anchors!
    Give me a 289 or 429 any day. But good luck if you can afford the fuel!

    • HAROLD LOVETT says:

      I agree. My question is why in the world would you want to keep the FE in your truck? Build you a 351 W and a C-6 trans and you will be a lot happier with more power, less weight, better mileage and with a Elderbrock intake and cam with EFI you will be ecstatic.

    • Randolph Pitts says:

      An fe will run circles around a 289 or 429 and last longer

  2. They were not known for fuel economy. I built an old 360 into a 390 with a marine cam and Holley 4 bbl carb. It went into a F 350 dump truck and not only hauled gravel but ass too. No other dump truck could accelerate loaded like mine. I was afraid of twisting an axle shaft it pulled so hard but fortunately it never happened.

  3. Gene Berkheimer says:

    I own a ’71 F250 2wd camper special C-6 with an original 390. It’s been bored.030, Edelbrock performer cam kit, manifold, Holley 600,MSD 26°curve @ 2600rpm. Hedman headers,dual 2.5″exhaust. I rebuilt this 65,000 miles ago! It runs great still. Truck has 290,000+miles. Daily driven in seasonable weather.
    How much horsepower? Plenty! No real fuel economy….maybe FI TECH?
    You will have to overbore to 4.050 for 390

    • Bill Pease says:

      I was under the impression that the 360 and 390 have the same bore and the 360 actually has longer rods. If that is the facts. Then a guy would have to change crank, rods and Pistons. I believe the skirts are different. Am I a fountain of mis information or what? Thanks.

  4. JAMES GORDON says:

    Reading the comments? Seems as though your reader HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT FE ENGINES.Been building these for DECADES. Got 352 fe building 613 horse. 427 (507) bored stroked tunnel port and wedge head making OVER 870 HORSE BOAT ANCHORS? YOUR LEAD ASS BRAIN IS A BOAT ANCHOR OR SHOULD BE. I Own & opperate Quintex Machine Technologies build these for fun and a living. By the way. This, as you put it so stupidly, boat anchor is the same detuned cobra type engine tha beat Ferrari and everyone else at 24 hrs. At Lemans three years straight then quit racing. Point proven beyond any doubt.

  5. Terry Zeissler says:

    I have had a love affair with the Ford FE since the 1960s. They can produce an unbelievable amount of torque. My brother and I put a 428 together with 10:1 compression, a 427 cam, large port heads, holley 710 cfm into a 5200 lb 62 T-Bird convertible and it would pull away from a 454 vette. This was with the stock 3.0 rear end! Built many 390s with great performance and decent mileage. The 360 had lower compression and never did perform as well as the previous 352 did. Oh did I mention i’m a retired professional mechanic with over 40 years experience in tune-up and diagnostics?

  6. Mike Conley says:

    Went from a 360 to a 390 in my 75 F-150 4×4. What a difference. Power galore and 18 mpg on the highway. 390 is a great engine.

  7. Brandon Vavra says:

    Ain’t it amazing how everyone on the internet is an expert on everything??
    All nonsense aside, if the man wants to rebuild his 360 into a 390 or 410, that’s his business, and more power to him. With that being said, the only thing I saw wrong in the article is using 390 pistons with a 428 crank to make a 410. Original 410’s had a specific piston, 4.05 bore w/428 compression height. With the rise of aftermarket cranks, I’m sure one of the companies makes pistons for this application. I don’t know this for a fact, since I’m not an internet expert, but would think it would be so…

  8. Frank Lowney says:

    When I discovered that the crankshaft in my 390 was a gonner, I faced the same question as the OP. If you have to buy a new reciprocating assembly (crank, rods and pistons, the cost will be pretty much the same regardless of the stroke (see Scat offerings. In other words going to 390, 410 or even 445 CID entails very little difference in cost.

  9. I have a 1972 ford f-250, 360 v8, four speed and 100,000 miles. Truck has no torque and the top loader 4 speed is slow to shift.

    Queston: what engine / trans combo would work best. I dont want to use a computer to run the assembly.

    Any good advice.

  10. I have a 410 with c6 trans and wouldnt trade them for any other engine/transmisson combo. Fords FE is, in my opinion, is thier finest engine. Ever.

  11. 1976 Ford F350 140 inch wheelbase, 360 FE steel crank I guess Dana 70 locker 4:10 drove straight hands of wheel on freeway parked for 25 years. Base model needs better sheet metal and a rewire, and rebuilt has C6 tranny in Vancouver, BC any offers?

  12. Roger B Rowe says:

    I also want to turn my 360 into a 410.I am only about half mechanic, but I used to know a few good ones. Most of them are too old or gone now. I have ran FE engines most of my life also. Best engine series ford ever made in my opinion. I wish I knew someone who could help ne with my build now for a reasonable price. I know the basics of what needs to be done and exactly how I want it but the tools, shop, and “know how” to do it all myself

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