Parts Bin: Summit Racing Wheelie Bars

Summit Racing Wheelie Bars

(Image/Summit Racing)

As a kid, impressing your BMX buddies with a sick wheelie down the sidewalk is cool.

But if you’re at the track, trying to shave previous milliseconds off of your ETs, wheelies are your time-robbing nemesis.

Summit Racing’s got a new line of wheelie bars that keep your drag car planted, letting your tires grab effectively for maximum traction.

Better traction means better launches. Better launches mean quicker 60-foot times. Quicker 60-foot times mean you’re getting across the stripe faster than you were before, get the picture?

Want to learn how to properly set up your race vehicle with wheelie bars? You should read this. 

The Summit Racing Wheelie Bars have a stainless steel upper strut and a flat aluminum lower bar to shed weight without compromising rigidity and stability.

Better still, they’re a complete bolt-on—no welding or intense fabrication required.

The wheels are rubber with aluminum and Delrin hubs that deliver pass-after-pass reliability.

They’re 44 inches long, and you can get them in either a natural finish or an oh-so-fancy nickle-plated finish.

The wheelie bars include hardware, brackets, and everything you’re going to need to complete the installation.

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  1. Had a set of wheels bars on my street 72 V8 Vega in the 80’s and drew a lot of attention incuding cops. Lol

  2. I’m not sure if 44 inch wheelie bars are long enough. How do you determine the correct length you will need? I have a 72 Chevelle with a Ford 9 inch rear end, also will be running a rear deck wing.

  3. Marty McDaniels says:

    Do you make wheelie bars for doodlebug mini bikes and how much do you want for one

  4. Marty McDaniels says:

    Do you make wheelie bars for doodlebug mini bikes and how much do you charge for 1

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