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10 Ford Gifts for Dads Who Love Cars & Trucks

The Blue Oval of Ford Motor Co. is as American as baseball and apple pie.

It is synomomous with Detroit steel and the Industrial Revolution.

Regardless of your brand preferences, Ford cars and trucks are one of the key pillars of automotive performance, for which our passion unites us all.

[NOTE: Does Dad prefer Chevy or Mopar to Ford? You might be in the wrong place!]

At OnAllCylinders, we love most cars and the companies that make them. So, for us, it’s easy to love awesome hotrod gear and collectibles.

If you’ve been trying to find cool gifts for a dad who loves Ford, you can thank us later.

1. Framed Ford Sign with LED Animation

ford animated led light

(Image/Summit Gifts)

Isn’t it amazing how much cooler tiny light bulbs can make something?

From pine trees to high-end restaurant decor, and from landscaping enhancements to rad Ford garage signs, tiny light bulbs clearly aren’t given the credit they deserve for making our world a better place to hang out in.

2. 1:6 Scale Die-Cast Ford 427 SOHC Engine

ford engine model

(Image/Summit Gifts)

Here’s a chance for dads to own one of the most legendary engines of all time. (Kind of.)

It’s actually a 1:6 scale version of Ford’s 427 “Cammer” engine that you named as one of the Top 10 Engines of All Time. You get 657 horsepower worth of performance condensed into an incredibly detailed, 6-inch tall replica. Horsepower not included.

3. Ford Folding Chairs

ford outdoor folding chair

(Image/Summit Gifts)

At car shows, at tailgates, at backyard barbecues, dad will let everyone know where his love and loyalties lie with his awesome outdoor folding chair that his favorite person gifted him.

4. Ford American Steel Flag Sign

ford steel sign

(Image/Summit Gifts)

When you combine two iconic American symbols into one design, do you get The Most American Thing Ever? Maybe.

Hanging in Lee Greenwood‘s garage? Totally.

5. 1:18 Die-Cast Ford GT40 Le Mans Models

ford gt model

(Image/Summit Gifts)

Every day can feature 24 Hours of Le Mans when you have this American performance legend jazzing up the home, garage, or office.

It’s simply one of the most beautiful things to ever come out of Detroit, MI, and no Ford fans need to be sold on its majesty. This is a much smaller version than the one that won Le Mans, but when you factor in cost, this is a pretty solid option.

6. Pinstripe Ford Oval T-Shirt

ford pinstripe t-shirt

(Image/Summit Gifts)

“See that guy over there? Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. He’s pretty much the most incredible person you’ll ever meet.”

“Wait. You know him?”

“No. But look at that Ford pinstriping shirt. You can just tell.”

That’s a 100% real conversation that we overheard, or totally made up.

7. 1:18 Scale 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Diecast Model

mad max v8 interceptor

(Image/Summit Gifts)

Whether dad’s a fan of the original Max Max films or the (amazing) Fury Road reboot, people everywhere (not just our Australian friends) love the “Pursuit Special” Interceptor almost as much as we love the guitar-thrashing Doof Warrior in Fury Road.

8. Ford Motor Company Established in 1903 Cap

Ford Motor Co. hat

(Image/Summit Gifts)


115 years is no joke. Ford fans will wear it with pride, and look spectacular while doing so.

9. 1:18 Scale 1948 Ford F-1 Pickup Diecast Model

ford f-1 pickup die-cast

(Image/Summit Gifts)

We asked the Magic 8-Ball to tell us what its favorite Ford was, and after a patience-testing “Ask Me Later” answer, the all-knowing plastic toy said: “Umm. The ’48 Ford F-1, of course.”

So we’re thinking your dad might like it, too.

10. Mustang Tri-Bar Hoodie

Mustang hoodie

(Image/Summit Gifts)

Is the hoodie the best article of clothing ever invented? Arguably.

Would a Mustang hoodie be the best article of clothing in your wardrobe? Probably.

Does a Mustang-fanatic dad that you know want one of these? Definitely.

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