It may sound cliché to give Dad a tie for a gift—but if he’s a Chevrolet fan, it’s perfectly acceptable to give him a Bowtie.

So if your Father is a die-hard Chevy loyalist, here’s a list of Bowtie-branded gifts he’s bound to love.

Chevy Pickup Dealership T-Shirt


The perfect complement to a pair of blue jeans, this 100-percent cotton shirt features a fleet of legendary Chevy C- and K-series pickup trucks. It’s a must-wear for the “Like a Rock” crowd.


NOTE: Dad isn’t a Chevy fan? You can find gift guides for Mopar fans here, and Ford fans here.


Summit Gifts® Chevy Fender Cover


Does Dad like to spend his time tinkering under the hood more than being behind the wheel? Here’s a good gift to ensure his paint stays nice and shiny after hours of tweaking and tuning.

1970 Chevy Chevelle SS Light-Up Shelf


A great way for Pop to display photos, models, and trophies, this 3D wall shelf has working LED headlights, thanks to 3 AA batteries. You’ve got dozens of other car shelf options too, including Camaros, Bel Airs, and Corvettes.

Chevy Camo Cap


This cap has a cool worn-out and distressed look—just like Dad has after long road trips with the family. If your father’s a hunter, he’ll probably appreciate the deer’s head patch on the side, too.

Classic Chevy Bowtie Steel Sign

With cool throwback styling, this sign is ideal for hanging in Dad’s garage or rec room. It’s made from steel and features a weathered red-white-blue paint scheme.

Chevy Seatbelt Pants Belt


What better way for Pop to secure his pants than with the reassuring ‘click’ of a seatbelt. It’s got an authentic metal seatbelt clasp and nylon web belt.

Chevrolet Bowtie Hooded Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the perfect attire for open-window cruising. Its Bowtie logo is printed on and it’s made from a cotton/polyester blend to keep your Father warm for those spring and fall cruise-ins.

Chevy ‘You’d Be Cooler if You Did’ Aluminum Sign


Anyone who enters Dad’s garage or office will immediately know where his loyalty resides. This 16″ x 10″ sign is made from rigid aluminum and comes drilled and ready to hang.

Owner’s Manuals and User Guides

Original owner’s manuals are hard to come by, often lost or shredded after decades of glove-compartment living. That’s why Dad will probably appreciate a factory-authorized reprint of one for his classic Bowtie.

Chevrolet Corvette Revolving Service Light


If your Father prefers his Bowties with a set of Crossed-Flags, he’ll definitely dig this light-up, revolving Corvette sign. It rotates 360 degrees, stands out about two feet from the wall, and is powered by regular household AC.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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