If you own a high-performance race car or rip-snortin’ street machine, there’s a good chance you’ve had to battle extreme under-hood temperatures. And one of the biggest causes of high engine bay temperatures is the heat emanating from the header and exhaust tubing.

ZyBar is a new high-temperature exhaust coating from ZyCoat that can reduce radiant heat by over 90 percent* and will withstand temperatures well in excess of 2,000 degrees. The coating improves exhaust scavenging which can increase horsepower and fuel economy.

* Note: We’ll include the test data at the bottom of this article. 

ZyBar is corrosion resistant and won’t chip or crack like other coatings.

More importantly, ZyBar is made for the DIY’er, so you can coat your parts yourself in your own garage.  ZyBar can be applied with a brush or spray gun, and will even work as a dip for smaller parts.

You can use ZyBar on your headers, exhaust manifolds, exhaust tubing, pipes, tips, mufflers…pretty much any place you want a high-temperature thermal coating.

ZyBar is sold in 8-ounce, pint, quart, and gallon containers. Just make sure you’re ready to apply it when you order, because it has a one-year shelf life. (Image/ZyCoat)

The application process is simple: media blast the surfaces to promote adhesion, thoroughly stir the coating, and then brush, dip, or spray on the ZyBar.

The coating fully air-cures in five days or, if you’ve got a shop oven for powdercoating, you can bake it on for just two hours at 450 degrees.

Better still, if your coating becomes damaged by road debris or nicked by an errant whack from a tool, you can touch it up simply by applying more ZyBar.

In short, ZyBar is a practical alternative to a more expensive professionally-applied ceramic coating.

Note: The folks at ZyCoat told us that its ZyBar coating has a shelf life of a year, so make sure you’ve got plans to use it within that window before ordering.

ZyBar comes in three colors: Bronze, Aluminum, and Black Matte. 

Here’s a PDF with some more Q&A if you want to learn more.

ZyCoat Test Data


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Author: Paul Sakalas

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