Ultimate LS fuel injection kit - FiTech EFI
Something wicked this way comes. (Image/FiTech)

FiTech Fuel Injection isn’t resting on any laurels after launching the hottest aftermarket product in recent memory a little more than a year ago.

FiTech exploded onto the aftermarket performance parts scene in late 2015/early 2016 by introducing performance throttle body EFI systems at budget-friendly prices that prompted other fuel injection companies to introduce their own lower-cost EFI systems priced about the same as a carburetor.

FiTech’s Go EFI and FiTech’s Mean Street self-tuning EFI systems continue to be popular power-adding solutions for budget-minded car builders.

FiTech Ultimate LS EFI

Joining them is the new FiTech Ultimate LS fuel injection systems, designed especially for GM LS applications and introduced at the 2016 SEMA Show last fall.

Watch and listen to FiTech’s Ken Farrell highlight these systems, including:

  • FiTech Go EFI Fuel Command Center Sump Kits which use your stock low-pressure manual or EFI pump to feed its sump tank—delivering enough go-juice to power up to 800-horsepower engines. The pump is submerged in fuel, allowing it to run cooler and quieter than external units. The center delivers 58 psi of high-pressure fuel to the throttle body at a rate up to 340 liters-per-hour (89 gallons-per-hour). They’re generally mounted in the engine compartment, but can be attached on the vehicle’s chassis, if needed.
  • FiTech’s G-Surge modules which are designed to deliver steady fuel flow under wicked conditions. These tough units maintain a 1.5-liter reservoir of fuel around the pump, are designed to stay air-free thus eliminating starvation issues, and support up to 800 horsepower. Stock low-pressure pumps can be used to feed modules.

For more, check out the video here:

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