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Video: SIKKY BMW E30 LS Swap Build

SIKKY Manufacturing makes bolt-on LS swap kits for BMW, Nissan, and Toyota (and other non-U.S. auto make) applications. All SIKKY LS swap kits, motor mounts, and swap accessories are made […]


Summit Racing Adds New Pro LS Truck Swap and Turbo Cams to Pro LS Line (Video)

The new Summit Pro LS camshafts have been a hit. The new product line launched in July and quickly developed a following. Just a quick recap: Summit Pro LS cams […]

LS Transmission Swap Video Still
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Video: How to Mount an LS Engine to an Older GM Transmission

There are a lot of factors to consider when swapping an LS engine into a vehicle not originally equipped with one, perhaps the most important being the transmission choice. The […]

FiTech Ultimate LS EFI
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VIDEO: FiTech for LS: An Overview of FiTech’s Ultimate LS Kit & More

FiTech Fuel Injection isn’t resting on any laurels after launching the hottest aftermarket product in recent memory a little more than a year ago. FiTech exploded onto the aftermarket performance […]

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Video: An In-Depth Look at Summit Racing LS Harmonic Balancers

Watch this video and learn the ins and outs of Summit Racing Street & Strip® Bracket Racer SFI Harmonic Dampers for LS engine applications. These particular harmonic balancers were designed with bracket racers in […]

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Video: LS Throttle Bodies – Drive By Wire vs. Drive By Cable

You have a few options when it comes to choosing how to stuff air and fuel into your GM LS engine. You could go for the nostalgic intake manifold and […]

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Video: How to Install Custom LS Steam Lines

Anybody who has swapped the factory intake on a GM LS Engine knows one of the first things to pull out of the way is the coolant steam line. What […]

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Video: How to Choose the Right Cylinder Heads for Your GM LS Engine

There are two important factors to consider when searching for a set of cylinder heads for an LS engine. The first consideration is the type of intake manifold port; the second […]

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Video: Starting Your LS Swap with the Right Engine Mounts

An LS1 in a 1932 Ford? An LS3 in a first-generation Camaro? Why…it’s just not natural. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. As a matter of fact, swapping a […]

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Video: How to Choose an Intake Manifold for Your LS Engine Swap

Learn how to choose the best intake manifold for your LS engine swap by watching this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. Your cylinder heads‘ intake port style, as well as […]