Anybody who has swapped the factory intake on a GM LS Engine knows one of the first things to pull out of the way is the coolant steam line. What usually happens is that you have to cut the factory metal coolant crossover lines to get them off. When you go to put everything back together, you then have to insert some rubber hose splices that not only look bad, but can easily come disconnected.

One common question is can you delete the steam lines all together? In short no, because the lines help with the coolant flow by preventing any air pockets from forming in the cooling system that can cause damage to your engine.

In this Trick Flow TV video, you watch as a custom LS Steam Line Kit is installed on a Gen III LS Engine with an aftermarket intake manifold set up for carburetion. What makes these kits really nice is that they include enough fittings and -4 AN line to run the lines multiple ways. That allows you to give your engine a custom look with the added safety of expelling any built-up coolant steam back to the radiator or catch can.

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Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders