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Video: Starting Your LS Swap with the Right Engine Mounts

An LS1 in a 1932 Ford?

An LS3 in a first-generation Camaro?

Why…it’s just not natural.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. As a matter of fact, swapping a modern LS motor into an older hot rod offers plenty of advantages, including outstanding horsepower potential, lightweight and compact design, and improved fuel economy over the Gen I small block thanks to its EFI setup. Thankfully, the aftermarket has begun to catch up with the LS movement, producing an increased amount of LS go-fast parts — many of which are covered in our ongoing series of LS swap videos.

While it still may not seem natural to put a new-age LS1 in an old-school Ford, it has become more easily achievable thanks to the off-the-shelf engine mounts available for LS swaps. A decade ago you might have had to fabricate engine mounts for the job, but today companies like Hooker and Trans-Dapt offer ready-made mounts for many LS swap scenarios. This makes it that much easier to drop a Gen III or IV engine into an engine bay where it was never intended to go. From there, you can add the appropriate engine swap headers, transmission adapters, oil pans, and other components you need to complete the transplant.

But it all starts with the engine mounts.

Watch the video below to learn about some of the LS engine swap mounts that are available. Then, check out the Summit Racing website for some of the other key components you need, courtesy of Holley and Hooker.

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  1. Richard Eldridge says:

    What motor mount and exhaust header do I need to install an LS-7 into a 1967 corvette

  2. lance opperude says:

    LOVE your LS videos, such a huge fan and they help me so much. THANK YOU

  3. I’m looking to install an LS in my 46 Ford Coupe. Could you guide me as far as what brackets and oil pan, along with trans would be best.
    Thanks, Joe

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      Thanks for reading, Joe! There are many variables here. It would depend on what frame and front suspension are in the car to start with. Also, what accessories do you need to hang? Do you want manual shift or auto? Overdrive??? The quickest way to get everything ironed out would be to call the tech line at 330-630-0240.

  4. Joe Mehtar says:

    I am thinking of installing an ls2 engine on my 1985 vette. Is it possible? If it is then are the needed parts readily available?

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