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Video: How to Choose the Right Cylinder Heads for Your GM LS Engine

There are two important factors to consider when searchingĀ for a set of cylinder heads for an LS engine. The first consideration is the type of intake manifold port; the second […]

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Video: Starting Your LS Swap with the Right Engine Mounts

An LS1 in a 1932 Ford? An LS3 in a first-generation Camaro? Why…it’s just not natural. But that doesn’t mean it’s a badĀ idea. As a matter of fact, swapping a […]

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Video: How to Choose an Intake Manifold for Your LS Engine Swap

Learn how to choose the best intake manifold for your LS engine swap by watching this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. Your cylinder heads‘ intake port style, as well as […]

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Video: GM LS Cam Swap Tutorial

Cam swaps are one of the most common engine performance upgrades. Unfortunately, in GM’s Gen. III and Gen. IV LS engines, cam swaps come with an extra step or two […]

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Video: How to Identify LS Engine Blocks in 5 Steps

Learn how to identify particular LS engine blocks in five easy steps by watching the latest Summit Racing Quick Flicks video! Properly identifying the generation of your engine block is the […]

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Simplifying LS Swaps with Holley Retrofit Oil Pans

With more LS engines being swapped into early-model muscle cars that participate in bracket racing, autocross and other competitive events, the limitations of the stock oil pan become more evident. […]