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Video: Why Summit Racing LED Light Bars May be the Right Fit for Your Rig — and Budget


Auxiliary lighting is one of the fastest growing accessory markets in the aftermarket industry.

This is especially true when talking about off-road lighting for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Spot and flood lights, in particular, provide much-needed additional light when your rig goes off the beaten path. Spot lights deliver a concentrated beam of light over a long distance, making them ideal for off-roading on rugged, unpredictable terrain. Flood lights are great for camping or recreational purposes because they can light a wide area.

While Summit Racing didn’t invent the auxiliary light bar, it has made them more affordable. The company offers its own Summit Racing LED light bars in four different sizes—6, 30, 40, and 50 inches—to accommodate many different vehicles. Although the bars are less expensive than many comparable light bars, Summit Racing LED light bars are made with many well thought-out features that make them an excellent value.

So what makes for a good light bar? There might be more to it than you think. Summit Racing’s Bryan Kuhn covers some of the more important features in the video below:

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