Q: I am in the process of building a 383 stroker engine for my third-gen Camaro. It should produce about 450 horsepower (the current engine’s a V6). Will the stock rear axle be able to handle that much power? If the axle is no good, which one would you recommend using? Will I need to install subframe connectors?

3rd gen chevy camaro z28

A: The 7.5-inch ring geared 10-bolt that came with the Camaro is a marginal piece. If you set it up properly and don’t abuse it, it may live behind 450 horsepower. We’d suggest swapping it out for a Moser custom made 12-bolt or Ford 9-inch. It will take a lot more than 450 horsepower to break one of those.

We’d definitely install subframe connectors on this car. Any V8 engine with moderate power can easily twist the unibody. BMR Suspension, UMI Performance, and Competition Engineering all offer good choices.

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