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measuring an axle housing flange
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Axle Exchange: How to Measure a Rear End to Fit Custom Axles

Adding big power to your car regularly comes with consequences. Hardware that normally doesn’t flinch is suddenly hard pressed to keep up with the demand. Add big, sticky tires and […]

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Mailbag: Upgrading Your Rear Axle for More Horsepower

Q: I am in the process of building a 383 stroker engine for my 1989 Camaro. It should produce about 450 horsepower (the current engine’s a V6). Will the stock rear […]

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Axle ID: A Quick Guide to Identifying Common Rear Axles

Seasoned car guys can often identify cars at first sight. But how many of us can easily ID a vehicle’s rear axle? It’s a handy skill to have for sure — especially […]

Mailbag: Possible Causes and Cures for the (Vehicle) Shakes
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Mailbag: Possible Causes and Cures for the (Vehicle) Shakes

M.K. • Darien, GA Q: I have a 1983 Camaro Z28 with a rebuilt 305. I can’t drive over 80 miles-per-hour without the whole car shaking. I have tried different brands […]