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Mailbag: Possible Causes and Cures for the (Vehicle) Shakes

M.K. • Darien, GA

Q: I have a 1983 Camaro Z28 with a rebuilt 305. I can’t drive over 80 miles-per-hour without the whole car shaking. I have tried different brands and widths of wheels and tires, but nothing has helped. I am stumped at this pointwhat should I be looking for?

A: We suggest checking the following things:

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  1. simplest thing to do first is replace your U-joints…then look into the above suggestions

  2. 70 mph is the high speed lol

  3. Did it shake before, if it didn’t reinstall the driveshaft 180

  4. I had a 69 Charger that had the same issue at 90+ mph. So much so that if you let off the throttle fully, it would break the tail shaft housing on the trans. It turned out to be worn pinion bearings and too much gear slop. replaced all the bearings in the differential and the car ran smooth up beyond 140mph.

  5. Fred Louch says:

    mine was pinion bearing

  6. Adam Phillips says:

    Also check brake drums/disks and suspension mounts and bushings. It could be something simple and easy to fix. I had a car that drove me nuts until I checked the suspension, turned out the bushings on the suspension were dry rotted and under enough stress (re: speeds over 70 mph) would cause heavy vibration.

  7. Jon Henson says:

    You might also want to check your underarms make sure it doesn’t move up and down. JK steering linkages to make sure there’s no play. Check your front wheel bearings make sure there’s no play up and down left and right. Check your lower front a arm bushings. Cherokee rear drag link bushings. And check and make sure that your axles aren’t getting a groove worn into them from the rear axle bearings. And check your torque arm bushing it’s big metal plate runs from the rear end to the transmission

  8. Alberto Bravo Muñoz says:

    Son las terminales de la dirección, reemplacelas y verá

  9. Try a different road…
    And keep it between the lines..

  10. How about wheel alignment and wheel balance?

  11. Timothy B Williams says:

    Be comprehensive- check all mounts and bushings, wheels rotors drums driveshaft 4 wheel alignment frame for collision damage or corrosion internal transmission differential crankshaft damper
    springs and saddles

  12. High speed wheel and tire balancing

  13. i’ve had this problem when braking at speeds greater than 50. check axle mounts

  14. Years ago I had a 70 impala that developed a bad vibration I checked everything tires wheels drive shaft went on for sometime it would buzz all the windows I was still trying to find the problem when the water pump started leaking fixed it and took it for a test ride and at the m magiic RPM guess what it was gone the
    Water pump shaft was causing the problem and the pump didn’t leak for a while after it developed the problem

  15. Same thing happened on a trip to AZ ,! Tire company tried to fix it , then took it to another shop , the guy come out about 20 min. later and tells one tire on the front was separated ,moved it to the back ,drove home at normal I90 speeds not a thing wrong ! Went and got 2 new tires , solved !!!

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