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Video: Upgrading Valve Springs to Accommodate Cam Swap

When the gang at COMP Cams decided to swap the camshaft in a 454-cubic-inch V8 L29 L.4-liter Gen. VI motor with an aggressive profile, they were also forced to upgrade the engine’s valve springs to accommodate it.

You can see that cam swap video here.

There are three important considerations when choosing valve springs:

  1. Matching the valve springs to a compatible cam type.
  2. Matching the spring to your intended lift.
  3. Matching the spring pressure to your intended engine speed.

Watch the engine teardown as you are guided through the process of removing the old springs, keepers, rotators, seals, etc. You’ll also see how the techs chose which components to replace, and learn some tips and tricks to make your next valve spring upgrade a breeze.

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  1. Ethan Carter says:

    Hey guys i’m swapping the cam and intake on my 403 olds here soon and need some tips before tools fly and i have to take anything machined. the cam is only gonna be a mild hydraulic roller from comp and the intake is going to be a Edelbrock rpm Q-type so i can still use my rebuilt rochester.

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