It’s impossible to properly convey our appreciation and admiration for the men and women who wear the uniform in service of their country.

On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen soldiers who gave all, providing us the freedom to build hot rods, and race cars, and watch basketball, and live every day how we want to.

We, too, thank the soldiers and veterans still with us. Along with our friends at Summit Racing, we asked military members to share photos of cars or trucks they built or are currently building while serving.

This is some of what we got back, along with their comments.

1968 Jeep
vintage photo of a plymouth barracuda
1966 Chevy Pickup
Ford Mustang GT T-Tops
1978 Chevrolet K10
chevy impala caprice bubble sedan
1985 Ford Mustang GT
Sunbeam Tiger
Dodge Charger
2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty 7.3 Turbo Diesel
1986 Chevy S10
1984 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 150
group of vintage cars and trucks
1966 Pontiac GTO
1975 Chevy Nova
1974 Chevy Nova

"Currently building this 1968 Jeep with a Cummins 12v and coil over front suspension while on active duty. Bomber crew chief with the Air Force." - Kyle K.

"I built this car in about 4 years. 20 years Air Force aircraft mechanic, Travis AFB Ca. NAS Moffett Field Ca. Portland ANG Base, Portland Or. 1967 Formula S, originally 273. I installed a 70 340 and 727 torqueflite after I bought it. Sold it in 1993 after my first daughter was born." - Joe H.

"1966 Chevy pickup. Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma." - Mark. G.

"Did part of this build while stationed at Keesler AFB in 1995. 85 mustang gt with t-tops." - Richard B.

"'78 K10 been working on it for a few years hard to work on when always moving and mission 12 years in the Army." - Timothy L.

"Bought her in 2003, drove her to my duty station in 2008 at Ft. Leonard Wood and now that I'm a veteran I'm still driving her almost every day. Thank you Summit cause a lot of parts she wears are from you!" - Gregory B.

"Active Canadian Armed Forces Member who took my mint 1985 Mustang GT t-top off the road and made it a full-time drag car. Many modifications I did on my own and also with the help from Summit Racing. I have my own race team combined with a retired member of the Forces and we have a second mustang also." - Jason F.

"Active Duty since 1990. 1990-1995 USMC, 1995 to present US Army, no break of service. I found it on ebay. It was located in New Hampshire. I had been looking for a Sunbeam Tiger for about nine months at the time and saw many Tigers sell on ebay that were of dubious condition and with questionable authenticity. The pictures looked good with no rust evident, a rarity in the N.E." - Duke S.

"Currently stationed at Fort Sill, OK. Have been working on the Charger for a little under a year. Just finished up a complete suspension rebuild and a disc conversion is next on the list." - Nick J.

"2000 F250 super duty. 7.3 turbo diesel, 11" lift, 41" tires. Just hit 12 years active duty army. Fort Bragg, NC." - Jeremy K.

"1986 s10. 6-71 supercharged 355 with 150 shot of nitrous. Th350 Trans, 3200 stall. 4.10 gears. Built when I got back from Iraq. Ft. Stewart, Ga. 3rd ID." - Mike A.

And Gary H. continues: "...fortunately I found an '84 Ramcharger Royal SE 150 Prospector in the Netherlands to keep me occupied while I'm over here in Germany." - Gary H.

"Got quite a few projects I've been working on since joining the AF in '03, sadly they're all sitting behind ma's house in Tx while I'm in Germany...I've had the '77 Roadrunner since I was 14 and it's followed me from TX, to NM, to CA and AR..." - Gary H.

"Well, I got out of the Army in '68 and bought this '66 GTO and for the past few years I have been trying to restore it back to what it was! I did have it the last month at base in Virginia!" - James T.

"My 1975 Chevy Nova, taking a risk by just living in the barracks and basically use my car as a garage. I bought it with a blown engine, put a cheap 350 in it with some edlebrock parts using hobby shops and renting garages. I'm currently starting to work on the rear end until I save up a little more for a create engine swap." - Polo Z.

Currently in the middle of doing my 74 Nova. I've finished installing a 4 wheel disk conversion, hotchkis tvs system, and all the bushing are replaced. Now im onto the interior and wiring the car. I've documented everything so far. Its been a lot of fun so far. Learning everything I can." - Jake K.

Please have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend, everyone.

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