In honor of Memorial Day, we’ve collected images of cars, trucks and project vehicles from members of the military.

There aren’t enough ways to thank the men and women who serve their country, but a good old-fashioned “Thank you” is the best we know how.

While we’re feeling grateful for the many sacrifices they make on our behalf, let’s have a look at some of their vehicles.

If we knew the service branch of which the vehicle owner belongs, we included it in the photo captions.

Have a safe Memorial Day, all. Welcome to summer.

late model chevy camaro parked in a gravel driveway
a vintage chevy project truck in a backyard
1967 ford mustang project car in driveway
a vintage plymouth scamp muscle car
a chevy camaro second gen project car
a modified late model dodge challenger drag car
a green vintage chevy nova sedan in a driveway
a black and silver chevy corvette c6
a fourth gen pontiac trans am coupe
a lifted dodge truck with an off road push bumper
a second gen chevy camaro z28 muscle car from the 1970s
a custom dually yellow chevy silverado squarebody truck
a custom late model dodge challenger
a back lifted toyota truck
a vintage plymouth scamp in a parking lot
an s197 ford mustang parked near a house
a new edge white sn95 ford mustang cobra in a driveway
a man holding a trophy next to a vintage camaro in a car show
a 1970s era Plymouth roadrunner in a driveway
a yellow third gen chevy camaro parked in a driveway
a vintage chevy nova project car
a vintage datsun 240z sports car parked on gravel
an old ford five window hot rod coupe project car on trailer
a pair of vintage trucks, one with a sportbike in the bed
s197 ford mustang next to a static fighter jet display
a collection of military vehicles at a desert military base

Eric J.

John. B., U.S. Army

Kenneth C.

Nick K., USAF

Randy Z.

Rick E., U.S. Army (Ret.)

Robert G., USAF

Sean R. U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Corey M., USMC

Brendan C., U.S. Navy

Jake D., USAF

Dereck B., U.S. Navy

William S., National Guard

Christopher H.

George J. USMC

William O., U.S. Army

Carl S.

Casey J.

Chase A., U.S. Navy

Corbin. W.

Dale C. USAF

Darral C. USMC

Dillon R.

Luke H.



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