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The Merlin: How Rolls-Royce Teamed up with Packard to Help End World War 2

If you asked a military historian to name the five most important Allied fighter planes of World War II, you can bet they’d include the North American P-51 Mustang and […]

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Photo Gallery: U.S. Military Vets Share Their Rides to Honor Memorial Day 2019

Our friends at Summit Racing encouraged active and retired military members to share their rides in honor of Memorial Day. In memory of the fallen, and in appreciation of the […]

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Vette’ for Vet: Vietnam Veteran Gets Surprise 1967 Corvette

For Bob Coveney, his former 1967 Corvette was the proverbial “one that got away.” Coveney sold the ’67 ‘Vette between tours in Vietnam and regretted it ever since. Nathan Hibler […]

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Photo Gallery: Veterans and Active Duty Military Members Share Their Rides

Yes, Memorial Day is celebrated as the official start of summer But we won’t lose sight of the real purpose for the holiday: To remember and honor all of the […]

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7 Lesser-Known Times Automakers Helped the War Effort

During World War II, nearly every domestic industry adapted its operations to assist the War Effort. For some companies, that simply meant rationing raw materials, but others (namely those in […]

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Photo Gallery: Soldiers Share Their Rides

It’s impossible to properly convey our appreciation and admiration for the men and women who wear the uniform in service of their country. On this Memorial Day, we remember the […]

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Photo Gallery: Memorial Day 2014 — Soldier Rides

In honor of Memorial Day, we’ve collected images of cars, trucks and project vehicles from members of the military. There aren’t enough ways to thank the men and women who […]

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Operation Super Bee: A Covert Mission to Honor a Friend’s Military Service

Sometimes life just has a way of reshuffling our priorities. It happens all the time in the hot-rodding circle as young car enthusiasts put beloved projects on hold to start families or […]

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Photo Gallery: Memorial Day 2013

Another Memorial Day is upon us. While so many of us consider Memorial Day weekend the unofficial kickoff to summer, we want to take a few moments to think about […]

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Ramstein Revisited: Jason Line Takes You Inside a Military Base’s Auto Shop

Team Summit drivers have spent part of each of the last two Novembers visiting with American troops stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. In this post, which originally ran on […]