Our friends at Summit Racing encouraged active and retired military members to share their rides in honor of Memorial Day.

In memory of the fallen, and in appreciation of the sacrifices all living veterans have made on behalf of this country, and many countries — please accept thanks. There really are no words. Just, thank you.

It’s not unusual to find military members with a deep love for hot rodding and motorsports. So when the Summit Racing crew invited vets to share their rides, it wasn’t a surprise that people shared way more than we can show you here (so please check out that post and comment thread to see all of them.)

This is just a sample of what our brave men and women are driving or building.

William P.

USAF Vet and Retired from Active Duty after 22 years.

Keith R.

Navy 1986-1997 Project Elco

David S.

US Army 87-95. My pleasure to have served this Great country.

Cody A.

4 years in the Marine Corps.

Randy C.

US Marine Corps Vet, 09′-14′, Ft. Worth, Tx, ’18 Focus ST

Gary S.

1971 Camaro US Army.

Rob C.

Boogyvan US Air Force 89/02

Sean W.

Veteran US Air Force!

Taylor K.

My brother is a former Marine. He served in 3/8. 2 tours in Afghanistan. So proud of him and his service! His car is the 67 Galaxie on the right.

Ted E.

USN, SM3, USS Steinaker, ’65-’68…

Woody W.

RCAF, just retired after 30 years active service.

Bill H.

U.S. Air Force 74th Fighter Squadron A-10 Flying Tigers.

James G.

US Air Force Retired 1994-2016, but please do not thank me for my service because it is Memorial Day. We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this day.

Jay M.

1969 Mustang 351C 4spd Jericoperformance with a BlackMagicClutch U.S. Army vet!! An honor to serve!

Robert S.

USAF Hurlburt Field, Fl.

Greg F.

My dad’s 51 Henry J, Vietnam Veteran

James C.

U.S. Army Veteran. Proudly served! 1987 Buick Grand National.

Chad K.

USN 95-99. My weekend toy. This year a tribute to the USMC.

Scott S.

U.S. Army 97-03. OIF Vet. Proud to have served this awesome country!

Allen G.

USAF Retired, 03 Cobra, 4.6L, stickshift, 9.20’s @ 153

Jeffrey Z.

Active 1993-present USAF

Donnie C.

US Navy Seabee vet.

Jeff R.

USN 2000-2004 1946 Ford coupe Southeast Gassers
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