CalTrend custom seat covers installed in a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you’ll get a stain, tear, or the smell of that day-old burrito onto your truck’s new upholstery. This is one of the reasons why many truck owners prefer to use a custom seat cover to protect the upholstery from accidents and daily wear and tear. But seat covers don’t have to seem like an ugly sack over your factory seats. Manufacturers like CalTrend not only offer great seat protection, but can provide an easy way to also enhance your vehicle’s interior appearance with a variety of colors, patterns and available fabrics.

For example, CalTrend offers its DuraPlus fabric for 2014 Chevy Silverado truck owners who want the highest level of protection. DuraPlus is a high quality canvas-like material that is tear and scuff resistant to protect against abrasions. It can resist getting punctured from that screwdriver in your back pocket, while protecting your seats from grease, coffee spills, dirt, mud , UV rays, and moisture. It’s perfect for trucks that get lots of use but offers a fit that looks like new upholstery.

Constructed with reinforced seams and a laminated foam backing for extra comfort, the CalTrend DuraPlus seat covers are durable and comfortable. In addition, CalTrend adds an extra large gear pouch to back of the front seat covers, that make it handy to carry personal items. Installation is also easy. On the 2014  Silverado 1500 four-door, the seat covers simply slip over the factory seats and are secured with built-in, double stitched straps that are routed under the seat cushions, and won’t interfere with under-seat storage systems.

Covers for the head rest and the flip up center console/arm rest are also included. In addition to easy installation, CalTrend also contacts you when you order to double check on the proper configuration of your truck’s interior. In most applications, your custom made seat covers are also delivered to you within a week, according to CalTrend.

You can check out all the choices of fabrics and colors for your vehicle on CalTrend’s website. Here, we’ll show you just how easy installation is, using the 2014 Chevy Silverado we mentioned earlier. Follow along…

man installing a seat cover onto a vehicle seat
tucking a seat cover into seat folds
man installing seat covers i a late model pickup truck
clipping a seat cover into a receptacle
seat covers getting installed on vehicle seats
Velcro securing a vehicle seat cover
chevy Silverado truck seat with cover installed
putting seat covers in a Silverado truck
installing a cover around a pickup truck's center console
securing the Velcro strap onto a center console cover
slipping a seat cover onto a vehicle seat
folding rear seats down prior to cover installation
fitting seat covers onto the bottom of a truck seat
cover going onto a center armrest in a pickup truck
seat covers in a 2014 chevy Silverado truck

The CalTrend seat covers are marked to the correct vehicle side and seat. Remove the headrest and slide the cover over the seat back and pull down until a tight, snug fit is achieved.

Tuck the fabric with the straps in-between the seat gap until it reaches the back portion of the seat. Follow up by tucking the fabric cutouts under the headrest retainers for a seamless finish.

Find the cover for the seat bottoms by locating the white tag labeled PASSENGER or DRIVER inside under the cover. Side the cover onto the seat bottom and tuck the fabric with attachment belts into the seat gap and stretch out any excess material.

Run the laces under the seat until they reach the back and then fasten them to the snap connectors on the belts. Pull tightly until a snug fit is achieved.

Massage the seat covers over the factory seat bottom to remove any wrinkles and so that the cover tucks into the sides of the seat.

When covering the headrest, make sure the soft Velcro fabric is on the front side and the rough Velcro fabric is in the back.

With the CalTrend seat cover in place, the front seat is completely protected and looks great.

If equipped with a folding center console for third-person front-row seating, this area is covered by pulling the center console down and slipping the middle seat cover through the seat gap.

Pulling the fabric through the gap towards the back of the seat allows you to stretch it out over the top of the center console.

Open the console lid and pull the fitted cover over the lid and inner pegs. Use the Velcro straps to keep the cover tight and secure under the lid.

Lift the lower section of the middle seat and slip on the cover. Pull the fabric tight and attach the Velcro straps to the center console cover.

Covering the rear seats is done in a similar manner, by first locating the correct seat cover for each side of the seat.

Once the seat covers are slipped over the factory cushion, the straps secure the cover from underneath. Make sure to position the seat covers under the factory seat belt.

Covers for the center console and rear headrests are also included.

The complete install adds a custom two-tone appearance to the Silverado and provides a comfortable, yet very protective layer that is custom fitted to the vehicle, and delivered to your door with the fastest delivery time in the industry.

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Author: Dan Sanchez

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