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Dan Sanchez is the president at DS Media, an agency that specializes in content marketing and online advertising and PR strategies. Sanchez is also an author, editor, and regularly contributes to a number of automotive enthusiast and B2B publications.

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Inside Job: Protecting Your Jeep Wrangler’s Interior From The Elements

Many Jeep owners enjoy taking their vehicles off-road with the doors and tops removed to take in the sun and scenery. While this is one of the advantages of owning […]

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Dual Personality: Performance Accessories’ 2014 Chevy Silverado Project Truck

You can’t deny that off-road trucks with lifted suspensions, large mud-terrain tires and big fender flares are extremely cool. It’s one of the reasons why Performance Accessories decided to build […]

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Quick Tech: Getting the Perfect Fit with CalTrend’s Custom Seat Covers

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you’ll get a stain, tear, or the smell of that day-old burrito onto your truck’s new upholstery. This […]

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Installing an OR-FAB HD Front Winch Bumper on a Jeep Cherokee XJ

Adding a winch to your 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ is a great upgrade that provides a means of recovery and enhances the appearance of the vehicle. Many Jeep XJ owners […]

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Circle Change: Holley’s New Ultra XP 2-Barrel Carburetor a Game Changer for Circle Track Racers

Various rules for Late Model Stock classes require using a two-barrel carburetor to limit the total amount of horsepower on V8 engines. Because it flows 500 cfm, Holley’s #4412 two-barrel […]

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How to Adjust the Fuel Level and Floats on a Holley Four-Barrel Carburetor

One of the most crucial, yet overlooked adjustments in a Holley four-barrel carburetor is the float. Adjusting the float and fuel level on a Holley four-barrel carburetor is easy if […]

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How To Select The Right Accessory-Drive Brackets For A GM LS V8 Swap

  Properly mounting engine driven accessories onto your LS V8 swap, may at first, seem much more difficult than anticipated. LS swap engine mounts, headers, and cross members, make it […]

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How to Swap a Carburetor for a Holley Avenger EFI in 5 Simple Steps

Upgrading your early muscle car’s carburetor for a modern electronic fuel injection system has never been easier and less expensive. In the past, most EFI systems required some knowledge of […]

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Event Coverage: Holley’s 2013 LS Fest

The 2013 Holley LS Fest proved again to be anything than your average car show! This year’s event was held Sept. 6-8 at Holley‘s home town track, the historic and […]

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Shop ‘n Swap: LS Swaps Made Easy with Hooker Engine Mount Plates

Back in the day, swapping out a small block Chevrolet 305 or 350 V8 for a 454 cubic-inch big block was one of the most cost-effective ways to get more […]