front view of a customized chevy silverado off road truck
rear quarter view of a customized chevy silverado off road truck
rock slider/step bar on a custom off road truck
interior of a custom chevy silverado truck
front grille of a custom truck

Performance Accessories' 2014 Chevy Silverado combines additional off-road capabilities with an aggressive appearance, but doesn't sacrifice the factory ride and capabilities.

Anzo rear taillights and an OR-FAB Pre-runner tire carrier add to this truck's off-road style.

Toyo Open Country R/T tires and Fuel Off-Road wheels are accentuated with a set of Bushwacker fender flares and Go Rhino nerf bars.

The factory interior was upgraded with leather Katzkin upholstery with tangerine matching inserts and stitching.

A T-Rex X-Metal Torch grille, combined with ANZO headlights and a Ram-Air hood, make the front of this Silverado look menacing.

You can’t deny that off-road trucks with lifted suspensions, large mud-terrain tires and big fender flares are extremely cool. It’s one of the reasons why Performance Accessories decided to build a project truck for the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. But while this 2014 Chevy Silverado 4×4 has the right appearance, it’s a little different from most 4×4 pickups. The concept was to build an aggressive off-road beast, but retain the OE ride and capabilities for daily commutes.

Performance Accessories lifted the truck five inches, using the company’s Premium Lift System, which is a combination of a body lift and leveling kit. Because the factory suspension was not altered, the truck retains its original smooth ride and turning radius, making it easy to install a set of 35-inch Toyo Open Country R/T tires mounted on Fuel Off-Road 20-inch wheels. Because the Toyo tires are also designed to maximize on and off-road traction and performance, they were a perfect match to the Silverado’s dual-purpose capabilities.

To impress off-road enthusiasts everywhere, and to ensure a smooth ride both on and off the trail, the truck was also outfitted with a set of external reservoir shocks. The shocks not only look cool within the Silverado’s wheel wells, but they also are capable of handling the high-frequency oscillations found when driving on the highway as well as hard impacts when driving off-road.

Suspension components alone don’t make a bold enough statement, so Performance Accessories also changed the truck’s original paint scheme, adding bold blue and tangerine orange graphics with lime green pin stripping. This was applied by Beal’s Auto Body in Prescott, AZ and gives the truck its head-turning appearance. In addition to new paint, a set of Bushwacker fender flares frame the beefy 35-inch Toyos.

The lifted stance required a rugged set of Go Rhino Dominator D3 one-piece side steps. The black powdercoated steps make it easy to access the truck’s cab. Inside, the Silverado’s factory seating was upgraded with a Katzkin leather upholstery with tangerine suede inserts and stitching to match the truck’s exterior color scheme.

In the bed, an OR-FAB Pre-Runner Tire Carrier keeps the spare handy and accentuates the rugged trail truck appearance. The Silverado was also enhanced with a set of Anzo USA U-Bar headlights and LED taillights. In addition to these lights, a T-Rex X-Metal Torch grille with built-in LED light bar changes the truck’s appearance while also providing additional illumination to the road ahead. Finally, just to ensure that this Silverado is taken seriously, a Ram-Air hood was used to add a bit more intimidation when you see it in your rear view mirror.

With an aggressive off-road appearance combined with a daily-driver ride, this Silverado showcases how you can build a reliable, dual-purpose vehicle—a vehicle that offers off-road capabilities and looks without compromising on the smooth ride and capabilities the truck was originally intended to provide.

Author: Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez is the president at DS Media, an agency that specializes in content marketing and online advertising and PR strategies. Sanchez is also an author, editor, and regularly contributes to a number of automotive enthusiast and B2B publications.