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2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Old School vs. New School) Final Four

And then there were four. The wrinkle thrown in for this year’s tournament (the 8th annual Muscle Car Match-Ups) was to pair eight old-school classics against eight new-school performance machines […]

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

Vote Now in the 2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Old School vs. New School

Welcome to Year 8 of OnAllCylinders’ Muscle Car Match-Ups tournament, which is our annual automotive twist on college basketball’s March Madness. These are strange times for all of us, as […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

2019 Muscle Car Match-Ups (“Limited Edition” Edition) Round 2 Pairings

Not unlike the opening round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the opening round of Muscle Car Match-Ups is always brutal because you lose half the tournament field right away. […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

Vote Now in the 2019 Muscle Car Match-Ups: The “Limited Edition” Edition

Welcome to the 2019 Muscle Car Match-Ups which we’ve dubbed the “Limited Edition” Edition. A few super-important things: 1. We know what at least some of you are thinking. “OMG. […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups (1968 Edition) – And the Winner Is…

We have a winner in the 2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups. After a week of final-round voting, we’re ready to declare the 1968 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi the winner. [ You […]

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Pick the Winner of the 2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups (1968 Edition)

They are not who we thought they were. This is not the championship match-up we expected to see in the finals of the 2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups (1968 Edition). And […]

2016 Muscle Car Match-Ups / Automotive & Aftermarket News / News & Car Culture

And the 2016 OnAllCylinders Muscle Car Match-Ups Winner Is…

What were we thinking? For the first time in the storied history of Muscle Car Match-Ups (four years, if you’re counting), we included old-school hot rods in our field of 32. These […]

2016 Muscle Car Match-Ups / Car Culture & Entertainment

Crown the 2016 Muscle Car Match-Ups Champion

This should be interesting. On one hand, we have a former champion. The 1969 Chevy Yenko 427 Nova won this tournament in 2014. And on the other, we have the […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

The Final Four of Muscle Car Match-Ups 2016

Three former Muscle Car Match-Ups champions made it to the final eight. Now, only one remains. Reinforcing the notion that 1969 is the best model year in automotive history, three […]

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Muscle Car Match-Ups: The Finals

This is it: the final round of our inaugural Muscle Car Match-Ups. It’s sort of a red-letter day for OnAllCylinders. Or maybe we should call it a Blue Oval Day, […]