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Pick the Winner of the 2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups (1968 Edition)

They are not who we thought they were.

This is not the championship match-up we expected to see in the finals of the 2018 Muscle Car Match-Ups (1968 Edition). And we love you for that.

Surprise!? It’s the AMC vs. the Plymouth.


It’s time to crown this year’s winner. (See how the voting is done and learn why we chose 1968 vehicles here.)

1968 AMC AMX Go Package 390 vs. 1968 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi


(Image/OnAllCylinders – Deana Johnston)

And we’re down to two.

Raise your hand if you thought the AMC AMX Go Package 390 was going to mow through, in order:

  • Chevy Chevelle L78SS 396
  • Pontiac GTO Ram Air 400
  • Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds W-45 455

(We’re not raising our hands.)

What a run, AMC. Just one more to go. Too bad it’s not going to be easy.

On the other side of the bracket, sits the gorgeous and mighty Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi.

It’s victim list in this tournament is no less impressive than its AMC opponent.

To reach the championship round, the GTX dispatched the:

  • Chevy Camaro Z/28 302
  • Chevy Corvette 427 L88
  • Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi

There’s no pre-defined criteria on which you should be measuring these vehicles. It’s not about which would win a drag race, a road race, or a show-car competition.

It’s about which one you like the most, and you’re allowed to use any reasons you want to do that.

And it all comes down to this.

The AMC vs. the Plymouth. Just one champion.

It’s time to crown one.

MCMU 2018 bracket - championship round

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Deana Johnston)

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  1. Bob Kjelland says:


  2. Joe Stahl says:


  3. Mike Moneypenny says:

    In 1975 I owned a beautiful, stock 1969 Hemi Dodge Super Bee hardtop. I also had a 69 AMX 390. I kept the Hemi for 6 months, I’ve owned the AMX for over 48 years, I’ve gotta go with the AMX.

  4. Monte Evans says:

    AMC AMX Go Package 390

  5. Kenny Backes says:

    Hate to say it AMX

  6. Gary Conway says:

    AMX is King

  7. John Cook says:

    AMX all day long

  8. Mike Nazar says:


  9. Steve Goldenberg says:

    I love to say it, AND all the way!

  10. AMX!!!!

  11. Matt Dorn says:


  12. We own a 69 AMX so you know how I’m voting….. AMX

  13. AMX have had mine 48 years.

  14. Shelby Coleman says:


  15. AMX!
    The 442 should have been in the opposite bracket of the AMX… even the 442 would have beaten the GTX

  16. Donald Stratemeyer says:


  17. Dean Walker says:

    AMX ! I was a teenager when these cars were new. I was around them all. I was most impressed with the AMXs then and that’s what I own now.

  18. This Christmas Eve I will have been driving an AMX for fifty years ! Best move I ever made.

    • AMX lives! My 71 was given to me in 1975, my very first car, I have owned it for 43+ years. I have plucked the feathers of many many big boys of the big three for years.

  19. rick haynes says:


  20. After reading some of this there is the idea that the AMX was not a muscle car. I bought a new 390 4 speed AMX in 1968 and outran every “muscle car” in Atlanta I could find. I was never outrun in that car. It went low 14s in the quarter and I could drive the snot out of that car. So it wasn’t a muscle car it was a MUSCLE CAR !

  21. AMX

  22. I have a 1968 AMX so of course its AMX all the way.

  23. GTX — Bought a new one in 68 and still have it.

  24. Gary Marchi says:


  25. AMX, but would love to own either…

  26. Mike Watson says:

    AMX of course. AMC built great cars. My friends derided them as “Ramblers”, until I took them for a ride in my AMX.

  27. Kevin lloyd says:


  28. Mike Reiminger says:

    390 AMX’s WERE BAD ASS. The 390 ci. was the fastest motor AMC ever built, especially the 1970 model.

  29. Mason Lindholm says:


  30. Mike Allain says:

    AMX for sure

  31. MOPAR or NO CAR!!!
    Gotta go with the Plymouth…

  32. Mike Worley says:



  34. AMX

  35. I have a 68 AMX…going with the orphan AMX.

  36. John Smith says:

    AMX all the way!

  37. AMX

  38. I have a 1968 AMX so of course its AMX all the way.

  39. James w Ditty says:

    I have had my 1968 AMX for 42 years ,had it in West Germany when stationed there ,Ran it wide open on the Autobahns ,Gota Love it

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