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Video: Terry Wilson Installs a Summit Racing Frame Brace Kit to Fight Chassis Flex in His 1967 Chevelle

All body-on-frame vehicles are prone to chassis flex under normal driving conditions. While that’s usually no big deal in a daily-driver, it’s not something you want in a performance or […]

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Mailbag: Unibody vs. Body-on-Frame Chassis

Q: Which is better between a body-on-frame and unibody chassis design? … A: Most vehicles are built using either “body-on-frame” or “unibody” design. The terms refer to the style of […]

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Weight Training: Everything You Need to Know About Race Car Weight Distribution and Scales

All things being equal, a lightweight race car will always be quicker and faster than a heavy one. But even if you can’t take pounds out of the car, it’s […]

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Launch Control: The 6 Acceleration Forces You Must Control to Win at the Dragstrip

When your race car is staged and the last yellow light blinks off, the car experiences a number of forces — all of which you must control for at least […]

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Laterally Linked: Understanding Chassis Roll Center and How to Limit Lateral Movement

Lateral control is how the rear axle housing is kept in a side-to-side alignment with the chassis as the rear suspension moves through its travel. And it’s more important than […]