(Image/Coverman66’s YouTube Channel)

All body-on-frame vehicles are prone to chassis flex under normal driving conditions. While that’s usually no big deal in a daily-driver, it’s not something you want in a performance or race vehicle because it can result in unpredictable handling—particularly if the vehicle is a few decades old.

Summit Racing Frame Brace Kits stiffen-up critical areas of a vehicle’s chassis to mitigate chassis flex and improve handling. That’s why GM fan Terry Wilson (AKA “Coverman66”) used one on the frame for his wicked-rad 1967 Chevelle LSA swap project.

The frame kits are currently available for 1964-72 GM A-bodies, 1955-57 Tri-Five Chevys, and 1963-72 C-10 trucks.

And Terry walks you through the entire install. Check out his thoughts and tips in the video below: