In import gearhead circles, the Toyota 2JZ inline six engine carries an almost mythical aura.

In addition to being the powerplant of choice for the fabled Toyota Supra Mk. 4, in the years since its introduction in the early 1990s, 2JZ-series engines have become popular swap choices.

In fact—thanks to their reliability, durability and tunability—we’ve spotted a 2JZ in everything from Toyota 4Runners to Chrysler Conquests.

a toyota 4runner modified with a 2JZ engine prepares to race at edgewater sports park near cincinnati ohio
Yup, that’s a 2JZ *almost* under the hood of this 4Runner. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Yet as beloved as the Toyota 2JZ six is to the import performance, racing, and engine swap crowds, we were surprised to discover a lack of aftermarket 2JZ engine blocks on the market…

…until we heard about the Dart Iron Eagle 2JZ Engine Blocks.

Dart says these are the world’s first aftermarket 2JZ iron blocks. And in typical Dart fashion, it took Toyota’s recipe and make some key design tweaks to make these aftermarket 2JZ blocks even better than the originals.

For starters, Dart strategically beefed up the block thickness in certain spots, like around the cylinder walls and block deck, to add more strength to the already-stout 2JZ architecture. Then Dart added some other upgrades like threaded core plugs and an improved water jacket design for better coolant flow.

Best of all, Dart left the basic exterior architecture alone, so the block will bolt right up like an original 2JZ and you can fit stock accessories like a starter and water pump.

Dart 2JZ Iron Eagle Engine Block Illustration

The Dart 2JZ Iron Eagle engine block includes four-bolt mains and features a 3.386 in. bore—which, with the right crank, means you can stroke it up to 3.5L. It comes machined for 11mm head studs under PN 31011010, or you can opt for 1/2 in. thread head studs with PN 31011011.

Oh, and if you want 1,800+ reasons why a Dart 2JZ Iron Eagle block might be a good choice for your next project, we suggest you watch this:

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