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Mailbag: Header Adapters for a 350 Chevy-Equipped First-Gen Camaro?

Q: My 1969 Camaro has a 350 small block Chevy engine, Turbo 400 transmission, and a 12-bolt rear end. I’ve purchased many parts over the years, including Dart Sportsman II cylinder […]

Dart Stud Girdle Valvetrain Stabilizer Install
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Video: Valvetrain Stabilizers, What They Are & How They Work

Under extreme, high-RPM operating stress, your engine’s valvetrain is subject to distortion and flex. This can cause havoc with the valve operation, altering its geometry to cause poor performance or […]

Dart Stud Screenshot
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Video: Cylinder Head Stud Installation Tips and Tricks from Dart

Many engine builders prefer using cylinder head studs, as opposed to bolts, for their performance engine builds. Cylinder head studs do offer some advantages, including higher clamp loads for more […]

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Dodge at 100: Our Top 10 Dodge Vehicles of All-Time

To honor Dodge’s 100 years in the automobile business, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite Dodge vehicles. Shockingly, the 1996 Dodge Neon didn’t make the list. Heck, mine couldn’t even make it […]

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565 To Go: How Summit Racing’s 565 Big Block Anvil Came Together

Drag racers can be a discontented bunch. If a car is quick, it’s still not quick enough. Running five miles-per-hour faster is cool, but a couple more would be cooler yet. […]