Plenty of hot rodders rely on Bosch universal-fit Drive-by-Wire throttle bodies for their custom engine builds. But as versatile as the Bosch DBW throttle bodies are, it usually means that you’ve got to weld an HD Clamp Ferrule to the mouth in order to attach your intake tubing. (As you’d imagine, welding that close to the precision electronics in the throttle body can potentially cause all sorts of electrical issues.)

That’s why Vibrant Performance Throttle Body to HD Adapters come in really, really handy.

These Vibrant adapters allow you to use a Vibrant 3 or 3.5 inch HD clamp to connect a 74mm or 82mm DBW throttle body to your air intake tubing. That means you won’t have to weld an HD clamp adapter onto the throttle body, avoiding any risk of damage to the sensitive electronics inside.

Vibrant Performance Throttle Body to HD Adapters are CNC-machined from billet aluminum, with a dual O-ring seal on the throttle body side to deliver a leak-free seal—even under high boost conditions.

Vibrant Performance Throttle Body Adapters come with the adapter, a green O-ring for the clamp side, two black O-rings for the throttle body side, and hardware.

Select the right Vibrant Performance Throttle Body to HD Adapters for your application based on throttle body bore size below:

Vibrant HD tube to throttle body adapter
(Image/Vibrant Performance)
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