Regardless of how much power you’ve got or how grippy your tires are, if you head off-road often enough, you’re eventually going to get stuck due to a lack of traction—and that’s especially true if you’re heading to the dunes or some place really wet and muddy.

More importantly, for folks in northern climates, getting mired on the side of a snow- or ice-covered road is practically a seasonal rite-of-passage.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s exactly why you should carry a set of MAXTRAX Recovery Boards with you.


Perfect for the overlanding and off-roading crowds—yet equally invaluable in snowy weather scenarios—MAXTRAX Recovery Boards are made from a durable, flexible nylon material that’ll handle pretty much anything you can throw on top of them.

These vehicle traction mats feature large cleats that’ll give your tires precious grip to get your car, truck, or SUV moving out of the tightest jams—and the MAXTRAX folks are nice enough to include a pair of bright orange leashes so you can find the boards even if they get buried deep in the muck from your recovery efforts.

And if you’re really swamped (sometimes literally), you can lash multiple MAXTRAX boards together for a long runway out of your quagmire.

MAXTRAX recovery boards are designed to flex, promoting incredible traction across a diverse range of off-road environments. (Image/MAXTRAX USA)

Better yet, these MAXTRAX recovery boards are super lightweight, at just a few pounds, with integrated handles so you can easily lug them around your recovery spot and, when done, they secure easily to a roof rack or spare tire carrier.

As an added bonus, they can be used as a shovel to help clear a pathway out of the sand, snow, or whatever goo you’re stuck in.

MAXTRAX integrates mounting points into its traction mats and also offers a variety of mounts to help secure the boards to your vehicle. (Image/MAXTRAX USA)

MAXTRAX recovery boards come in a few flavors, and in a palette of colors to suit your taste. Check out the distinctions between each one below.

  • MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Boards are the latest evolution of the MAXTRAX bread-and-butter traction mats. They’re about 45 inches long by 13 inches wide and are tailored to just about every off-roading environment you’ll come across—including sand and snow.
  • As the name implies, MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Boards are a mere 25 inches long and 13 inches wide, yet boast the same features of their full-size cousins. Thanks to their size and versatility, MAXTRAX Minis are perfect for the trunk of a commuter car, truck, or SUV.
  • Tested by militaries and professional off-roaders, MAXTRAX XTREME Recovery Boards are for folks who have no problems wedging their vehicles in tight spots. Boasting large, replaceable alloy teeth, these boards can withstand the most brutal off-roading environment.

MAXTRAX recovery boards are sold in pairs, and MAXTRAX also makes plenty of mounting solutions and accessories to improve the convenience and versatility of its traction mats.

Here’s a closer look at those large aggressive teeth in a MAXTRAX XTREME recovery board. (Image/MAXTRAX USA)