We like to preach the “cars are made to be driven” mentality around here.

…Problem is, when you rack up the miles, you often typically rack up dirt, dust, and bug guts at the same time.

That’s why we’re big, big fans of Malco Automotive Cleaning and Detailing Products.

Malco’s got an extensive line of car care products to help you clean every possible nook-and-cranny of your ride, inside and out. And Malco also offers paint repair and buffing compounds to help professional body shops restore a like-new finish to the most weathered and abused paint jobs.

Now, as much as we’d like to spend a few thousand words talking about car cleaning (no joke—we totally would), let’s just cover some of our favorites from the Malco automotive detailing lineup.

malco car cleaning products in front of a c8 corvette
(Image/Malco Automotive Products)

If you like the look of water beading off a freshly-washed hood, then Malco Automotive Ultra-Violet Premium Wash and Wax is your jam. It delivers a high-gloss, durable shine—all in one fell swoop. Its thick, sudsy action helps remove dirt and gunk and extend the time between regular wax jobs.

Fighting stubborn flecks and specs, particularly on the leading edge of your hood, a chin spoiler, or bumper? Malco Automotive Tar-Get Tar, Wax, and Grease Remover will handle all that tough-to-remove crud without harming the precious paint underneath.

Look, we’re car nerds around here, so we spend as much time under the hood as we do in the driver’s seat. For that reason, we’re fond of Malco’s Red Thunder Biodegradable Degreaser. It’s formulated to attack dirt, oil, and grease on both hard and soft surfaces, and it won’t damage the surface of whatever you’re degreasing.

Moving inside, Malco makes a Leather Conditioner that’s highly-respected by pro-level detailers because of the way it softens, restores, and protects leather. The end result is supple leather interior with a non-greasy finish—along with that *oh-so-good* fresh leather scent.

malco red thunder degreaser being sprayed onto a corvette engine
(Image/Malco Automotive Products)

Again, that’s just the beginning. Malco offers an extensive mix of paint and dyes, waxes, polishing compounds, and other cleaning products.

So if you love driving (and cleaning) your car as much as we do, Malco is a brand worth checking out.