Engine building is all about double-checking your work. And that’s doubly—no, triple-y—important during the few precious moments after an engine roars to life for the first time.

Regardless of whether you’ve done the fresh rebuild yourself or if you have a brand new crate motor in your frame rails, it is in those volatile seconds and minutes following the first ignition where something can go wrong and potentially do catastrophic damage to engine internals—often requiring a lengthy (read: costly) teardown for an inspection.

We’ve published a handful of articles already that outline some best practices for initial engine fire-up. You can read a few of them here:

But our pals at Summit Racing recently published a video at the Summit Racing YouTube Channel that gives you a good look at the process as well. You can watch the whole thing below.

It’s only about four minutes long too—so if you’ve got a first-fire in your future, it’s definitely worth the watch.