A while back, we told you how handy a WeatherTech BumpStep can be. But WeatherTech has an even more clever way to guard your fancy bumper cover against a minor parking mishap.

It’s called a WeatherTech BumpFrame and it is an ingeniously simple solution to an all-too-familiar problem—offering protection from scuffs, nicks, and other nasty blemishes on your front bumper.

The BumpFrame is simply a standard license plate frame that features an extra padded layer of 3/4 inch thick soft bumper material that’ll help absorb those little “love taps” that often result in an unsightly scratch on your car, truck, or SUV’s front end.

weathertech bumpframe static shot

Whether you live in an area where parallel parking and requisite bumper dings are common, or your teenage driver has a tendency to bash into the garbage cans while pulling into the garage, a BumpFrame can save you a lot of headaches.

Best of all, since a BumpFrame installs discreetly in place of your existing license plate frame, it won’t upset the lines of your car (and most folks won’t even notice it’s there).

As an added bonus, a BumpFrame makes a great gift idea for that aforementioned teenage driver—but give one to a spouse at your own peril.

All told, if you’ve ever had a body shop quote even a relatively simple paint repair, then you already know that a BumpFrame is cheap insurance against a nasty bumper scuff. You can see all the details on WeatherTech BumpFrames here.

weathertech bumpframe in use
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