Ever accidentally back into your mailbox or the neighbor’s trash cans? What should be a relatively minor facepalm moment might leave you with a deep gouge or nasty scratch in your truck or SUV’s bumper cover. (And you can probably guess what a body shop will quote to fix it.)

That’s why a WeatherTech BumpStep can be so dang handy.

But not only can a BumpStep give you several vital inches of padded protection against nicking or damaging your bumper, it also doubles as a handy step-up into your truck bed or SUV’s rear cargo area. That also means a BumpStep is a great addition to a vehicle that’s equipped with a luggage rack or other roof-mount accessories, like a cargo box, bike rack, or kayak carrier.

We call that a win-win around here.

Weathertech bumpstep installed
The standard BumpStep is about a foot wide. (Image/WeatherTech)

WeatherTech makes its BumpSteps out of a super strong material that easily holds 300 pounds, yet the flexible compound is able to absorb minor impacts. Best of all, WeatherTech BumpSteps fit into a standard two inch receiver hitch receptacle, so you simply slip it into your hitch receiver and you’re on your way.

This is the new BumpStep XL with a 24 inch width. (Image/WeatherTech)

WeatherTech offers its BumpSteps in the original 11.5 inch version and there’s a new BumpStep XL that’s about two feet wide, so you can choose the one that’ll work best for your truck or SUV. Mounting hardware is included and there’s an option for adding the required hex key if you don’t have a set of hex tools already.

Whether you could use a leg-up into your truck bed or simply want to avoid a frustrating ding or scratch on your SUV’s bumper, a WeatherTech BumpStep can save you a ton of headaches.

Find the right BumpStep for your application here.

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