Uncle Ben once told a young Peter Parker that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

And though he was referencing the uncanny abilities of Spider-Man, that same sentiment applies to owners of 2- and 4-post vehicle lifts.

A vehicle lift can be an incredibly valuable asset in both a home garage and professional shop, but it is a tool that absolutely must be used properly. Operating a vehicle lift without the right know-how or technique can have disastrous consequences. And the same holds true for using a broken, improperly installed, or otherwise damaged vehicle lift too.

That’s precisely why the Summit Racing tech experts made this short video as a 101-level approach to vehicle lift safety. It’ll go over some basic lift safety best practices, as well as a few things to look for and observe as you’re using your lift.

If you own, use, or are otherwise thinking about installing a vehicle lift, consider this one a must-watch, as these tips are relevant for both the home garage and professional shop.

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