Much like the Sugarhill Gang did with its cover of the 1960’s tune Apache, the gang at Deboss Garage made this vintage Chevy truck with a bangin’ mix of old and new.

That’s because underneath that delightfully patina’d sheetmetal rests a stroked 6.8L LS powerplant topped with AFR cylinder heads. The whole thing is sitting on a 1971 Chevy Camaro subframe enhanced by a QA1 handling package with a Heidts four-link out back.

This particular truck had quite the history before it was brought back to life as the tire-roasting hauler you see here. And better still, the Deboss Garage folks were able to connect the dots all the way back to the family of its original owner.

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Jump on the whole scoop in this video from the Summit Racing film crew:

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